Flavor Flav

by charmainemiller

Now that I posted about grocery shopping, I should probably let you know how my house eats. In short, we eat a lot. We have quite a few athletes in the house, and they have pretty large appetites. But something that would most characterize our eating habits as a house would be our love for breakfast food.

I was shocked and amazed the first week when every morning I woke up and found at least one of my housemates cooking a full breakfast—eggs, bacon, toast, sausage links—for themselves. Even when internships started, the bacon kept frying and the eggs kept cracking. I’ve never had the time or made the time to make myself a breakfast like that. Back in Gainesville, my roommate makes fun of me for being sort of a cereal fiend.

For the first few weeks, I stuck to my cereal. Maybe poured myself a glass of orange juice if I felt compelled. Then on my day off, I decided to go for it and make a hot breakfast. I made scrambled eggs and bacon. I never make bacon. I didn’t even like it until that sweet smell started hanging around the house all the time. I thought I’d give it a try.

And I did alright! I hate when bacon is too crispy, but somehow on my first bacon-frying try it ended up chewy, which I must say was pretty good. Here’s some pictures of a scene I might regularly come downstairs to in the morning:

And since the house loves breakfast so much, for my first dinner I had to make, my partner and I decided to make breakfast for dinner. Each night, two housemates cook dinner for all 14 of us. It’s really nice to come home after a long day of interning and have food ready shortly after. It’s daunting to come home after a long day of interning and cook for 14.

But the first dinner I cooked was on a Sunday, so it was more relaxed. My housemate, Nardos, and I worked on some seasoned breakfast potatoes together. I had never made those, and I don’t think she had either, but we just sort of winged it. Then she fried some sausage links and I made pancakes. Oh, how I love to make pancakes. I made plain, chocolate chip, and a special order of cinnamon pancakes for my housemate Nora. I chopped up strawberries and paired that with a can of whipped cream for pancake-eaters like me. (So delicious)

The cooking took longer than I thought, and dinner was set out 45 minutes after it should have been. My housemates dug in. They said they loved it! Especially the potatoes.

We have had plenty of good meals in the house. Usually, I try to stake a claim on leftovers to bring into the office for my lunch the next day. We almost eat too well. Several nights a week we have some sort of dessert. Cake, cookies, brownies. I must say I am really grateful, because I have a nagging sweet tooth. I mean, when I first arrived at the house, I was thinking to myself, Imma hafta get some Oreos to keep mah blood sugar up! But no, no need for Oreos anymore.

It is a rare occasion that the dinner served does not compel me to get a second helping, but it does happen. We’re still learning this cooking business. We’re getting to know the preferences of our housemates. For example, basically the whole house knows that I despise sour cream, cream cheese, that sort of stuff. Courtney loves her coffee. Jordan eats cake in a bowl of milk. Heather tones down a spicy bowl of chili with a dab of peanut butter.

I am relieved to say that none of us have made a cooking mistake as egregious as one of the most notorious characters on reality television has. Her name is Hottie, and she appears on the first season of the ever-so-classy dating show Flavor of Love, which aired in 2006.

Hottie is a mess. In one competition, each girl is tasked with cooking a whole chicken for Flav, the man they are trying to win over, to taste. As you can see in the video clip, Hottie puts her chicken in the MICROWAVE. Oh hey, it’s healthier without all that cooking oil and whatnot.

Ok, so I saw that the video I tried to put in is disabled. But click the “Watch on YouTube” link, trust me, it’s worth it!