Stars and Stripes

by charmainemiller

Spending the fourth in our nation’s capital is really what it is cracked up to be: wonderful, unforgettable, amazing. I didn’t have high expectations at all though, because I knew it was going to be a hot day and I had made a bunch of amorphous plans with people that I didn’t actually expect to transpire. But they did.

I started the day at the National Mall, navigating the streets to the Smithsonians right as the parade was going on. It was a cool thing to catch sight of. I met up with two friends from church and we passed out fliers and told people about Jesus. It was difficult for me, but rewarding too. We stopped around 2 p.m. By then, the frozen water  bottle I had brought with me was completely thawed out, filled with warm water. ‘Twas blistering hot out.

Then I met up with a large group (maybe ten of us) of friends from my intern Bible study at Capitol Hill Baptist. We just explored the Smithsonian Folklife festival and finally settled under a tent. Everyone in the group is so nice, I had some really good conversations over a much-needed but overpriced sweet tea.

Then I headed to a party hosted by another friend from church, in her house which is a couple blocks from the Capitol building. Again, really great conversations were had. More sweet tea was consumed, far better priced (free!). I then headed to the concert at the Capitol to find friends from my internship, but it was extremely crowded and we couldn’t find each other.

I found a grassy area away from all of the people and just lay there for a couple of songs. It was so relaxing, after a day full of walking and sweating. I got up and made my way to the metro just as the fireworks were starting, determined to beat the metro crowds and actually get home by a decent hour. The fireworks, which I saw on my walk back, were beautiful!

I got home by 11 p.m. after a full, satisfying day. I was amazed that I actually met up with most of the friends I made shaky plans with! I ended the night laughing with some of my housemates in the kitchen as I made my first pitcher of sweet tea ever. And it was good!

Where are the pictures of this amazing day, you ask? Sigh. I actually didn’t get around to taking any. But that’s alright. My philosophy is sometimes it’s best not to take photos. That I was having such a great time that I didn’t even think of pulling out my camera.

What a great day. Go America.