A delayed account of a sweltering camping trip

by charmainemiller

A couple of weekends ago, my housemates and I journeyed to West Virginia for a few days to relish in the great outdoors. We were in a cabin, so some people would not call it camping. I would simply argue that it was camping, it just wasn’t as intense. (Get it, in-tents? Haha…)

The weekend again reached record-breaking temperature highs, and in a cabin with no A/C, it was quite a challenge. Most of the time, we just ended up melting in the living room and doing things like this:

AKA acting silly.

A real highlight was hiking to a waterfall on Saturday. It was a hot, grueling time getting to the spot, but so rewarding when we finally got to dip into the refreshing waters. Some people even sat under the waterfall and just let it soak them.

A rather unfortunate encounter happened as one of my housemates was leaving the falls. He decided to deliver a large, frozen water bottle to my other housemate via the method of throwing. The housemate on the receiving end didn’t catch it, and I was obliviously positioned right behind her, taking in the natures. I got socked. Right under the collar bone on my chest. It hurt, gave me a mean-looking rainbow bruise after. But hey, who else can really say they had a block of ice chucked at them? I’m all for the new experiences during my summer of adventure.

Hiking back to a stifling cabin was not the best, but we made the most of it. I was surprised that complaining was very minimal the entire weekend. With nothing but board games and each other to keep us entertained, we busied ourselves by playing Scrabble, Bananagrams, Dutch Blitz, Frisbee, soccer, Pictionary. We also played the most hardcore version of Fishbowl I’ve ever experienced. Several of the athlete housemates were super competitive, yelling in peoples faces and whatnot. It was really entertaining.

We also participated in some typical camping activities. We made hobo meals over a bonfire. S’mores came shortly after that. There was singing and ghost-story telling. And some good old-fashioned gossip with the girls.

Also interesting, but maybe not so conventional: my housemates Jordan, Greg, Erica, Leah and I decided Saturday night when it got completely dark to visit a nearby grave yard. I volunteered to go, because again, I’m all about the new experiences. I almost immediately regretted it. We walked only by the light of Greg’s phone, and I kept psyching myself out and thinking murderers were going to pop out of the bushes somewhere. When we got to the graveyard, I was looking over my shoulder every ten seconds. Looking back on the experience alive and well, I’d say I’m glad I went. But it was a bit scary!

It was a good weekend to just get away from the busy-ness of the city. We tend to compartmentalize and sort of make our lives into a bubble, but it is always a good reminder to know that there are different lifestyles and environments outside of our own experiences at the time.

And… here’s a few photos of me and my housemates during the trip!