The random shenanigans associated with intern life

by charmainemiller

I am serious about my internship, really. I just happen to have too much fun whilst also being serious. I love my internship because I get to be a journalist. I love writing, editing, interviewing, even trying my hand at layout. But I also really just like my fellow interns.

There are seven interns including myself. We can get a little crazy. For example, one day when four or five of us were in the office at the same time, we suddenly obsessed over finding a highly sought-after food truck that serves waffles. We stalked the waffle truck’s Twitter, we called, we emailed, we tweeted. Anything to find the location of the fluffy goodness. We were entirely consumed by waffles for about an hour.

In what seemed to be a painstakingly long week of waiting, the waffle truck finally made it to our neighborhood. It was a glorious encounter. Hopefully not the last.

Chris was going to have a heart attack.

Unfortunately, the waffle truck will not hold the near and dear place in my heart that is reserved for the first food truck I visited. I was introduced to the wonderment that is food trucks in Franklin Square, while meeting my fellow intern Mariko for lunch. Food trucks are kind of just like fair food. But more fun because they’re in the middle of the city.

We went to a Mediterranean truck and got some fabulous chicken and rice.

Us interns also do fun things like go to Nationals baseball games together. It was me, Mariko, Mariko’s boyfriend Ryan and Brian enjoying a game on a sultry Thursday evening a few weeks back. It was so much fun. Mariko and I were giving Brian a hard time, as usual.

Does this look like too much play, no work? Well I have graciously provided to you some evidence of us at work. The first photos you see here were taken around 7:30 a.m., after we stood in an assembly line of Street Sense vendors to pile the bundles of the new issue into our storage room. With about 20 hands helping, we got the papers stacked in no more than 15 minutes.

And here’s me with a pair of vendors, Jeffrey and Paul. If it looks posed, it’s because it is. But that’s basically what I do here anyway.

But my favorite photos out of all our intern excursions probably have to be from the waffle night we had at Brian’s house Thursday. Yes, we came up with the idea for a waffle night that day we were in our crazed state of waffle-hysteria. And it actually happened. Hooray for the most random social gatherings.

Brian and his housemates have a trampoline. Us girls were giddy as we sent each other flying through the air on this thing!

Blurry but awesome action shot.


So there you have it. Shout out to Faithful, Mariko, Natalie, Lauren, Brian and Chris, my awesome co-interns.